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  • open a commodity account

    Before trading in commodities, it is necessary to apply for a futures trading account.  Commodity brokers require that all potential clients complete an application to disclose their identity, financial details, and even criminal history.  Because all futures contracts are leveraged, commodity traders can potentially lose money money than they have on deposit with their futures brokerage house.  Accordingly, applying for a commodity trading account is similar to applying for credit.   This process shouldn't deter you from opening a commodity trading account, but you should be prepared for the process.  With that said, most account applications are approved on the same day! 

  • open a futures account

    Opening a commodity trading account to trade futures, or options on futures, is a relatively painless process.  Most commodity brokerage firms offer electronic account applications which enable futures traders to complete the account opening process electronically from their computer or tablet, without printing, scanning, or faxing documents.  However, for those who are uncomfortable with electronic applications most commodity brokers will accept and process paper applications for a futures trading account. 

    We hope you choose DeCarley Trading as your futures and options broker, but whomever you choose be sure to do your homework.  Not all commodity brokerage services are the same!

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