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    Carley Garner, an experienced commodity broker and futures market strategist at DeCarley Trading, writes two commodity trading newsletters for DeCarley brokerage customers; The DeCarley Perspective and the Financial Futures Report.  

    The DeCarley Perspective is a commodity trading newsletter offering readers insight into the fundamental and technical analysis of the futures markets, as well as price predictions.  The futures trading newsletter also offers specific trading recommendations which include option selling strategies, commodity option spread trading, and outright futures positions. 

    The Financial Futures Report is a daily publication with a focus on stock index futures (primarily the e-mini S&P 500 futures), and Treasury futures (T-Bond and T-note).  

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    The DeCarley Perspective is a commodity trading newsletter emailed to DeCarley Trading futures brokerage clients on a complimentary basis. This futures market analysis newsletter is intended to give readers futures and options trading recommendations as well as help them learn to trade commodities via technical, seasonal, and fundamental analysis.  

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