Treasury Futures tick higher, ES stalls


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U.S. Treasury Futures Chart

Treasuries Creep higher, seasonal strength ahead

Bonds and notes traded mostly higher to start the week as traders express some concern over the upcoming European Stability Mechanism (ESM) vote. The ESM is a proposed international organization intended to provide financial assistance to members of the EU. This program would replace the temporary programs already in place. The plan needs approval by Germany, but it seems the vote scheduled on September 12, could be delayed.Also working in favor of Treasuries and against equities was word that Mohamed El-Erian, one of the world's largest bond fund managers, pegs the odds of a worldwide-recession at one-third.Our stats specialist, Wayne Whaley, pointed out that history suggests the odds favor higher bond prices and lower yields this week. Similarly, we suspect the technical picture of the market is improving, and this should leave the overall path of resistance higher.

Treasury Market Ideas

Consensus: Bullish on dips, possible eventual retest of July highsSupport: 147'22 and 146ish (30-year Bond), 133'06 and 132'14 (10-year note)Resistance: 150'18 and 152'05 (30-year Bond), 134'11 and 135'05 (10-year note)

Position Trading Recommendations

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ES Futures Daily Technical Analysis

Light Volume and Little News to Guide Trade

By afternoon trade the ES had traded a mere 800,000 contracts. It isn't unusual to see light volume during the summer months, but this is an incredibly dismal figure. Light volume has the propensity to do one of two very different things, exaggerate volatility, or result in a quiet "melt-up". Thus far, it seems like the latter scenario is trumping the former. Although it might be difficult to fundamentally justify higher prices, talk of more QE domestically, and the European fund (ESM) could prop up asset prices in the short term.The latest COT Report issued by the CFTC depicts a dramatically undecided market. Both large and small speculators are holding relatively neutral positions. Similarly, the AAII investor sentiment index is approaching long-term average levels, suggesting no real bias.According to the AAII, about 36% of those surveyed are bullish, 36% are neutral and 27% are bearish. These levels have yet to point toward an overheated market and could be reason to look for a moderate continuation of the rally. With that in mind, we ultimately believe the best move will be to be bearish rallies at higher levels.

Stock Index Futures Market Ideas

Consensus: Bearish on rallies. Look for possible short squeeze above 1400 in the ES to be a bear.Support: 1370 and 1351Resistance: 1416 and 1428

Position Trading Ideas


Day Trading Ideas

These are counter-trend entry ideas, the more distant the level the more reliableBuy Levels: 1391 and 1384Sell Levels: 1407 and 1416

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