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The Financial Futures Report is a commodity trading newsletter focused on the e-mini S&P futures, the 30-year bond futures market, and the 10-year note futures.  

The author, Carley Garner, is an experienced commodity broker with plenty of stories and insight to share.  Garner keys off of her decade-plus experience as a futures broker to help readers navigate the options and futures markets.  The Financial Futures Report contains general stock index futures and Treasury market commentary, but it also details trading ideas (primarily option trading strategies), technical analysis including support and resistance levels, and commodity trader chatter. 

This publication is offered exclusively to DeCarley Trading commodity brokerage clients, but can be obtained temporarily via a trial.  

The good news is known and priced in, more down in the ES? 13 August 2018 Hits: 2178
ZB futures have turned the corner 23 May 2018 Hits: 1793
We aren't in 2017 anymore 11 April 2018 Hits: 1859
This report is on the ES, but we can't stop thinking about cattle futures (limit down to limit up) 04 April 2018 Hits: 2559
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Even 70% lower closes in recent weeks hasn't budged stock index futures 09 August 2017 Hits: 2307
e-mini S&P 500 futures bears need a currency market reversal 01 August 2017 Hits: 1937
ES futures bears should get better entry levels 13 June 2017 Hits: 2130
2405 is holding, the e-mini S&P futures could be getting toppy 08 May 2017 Hits: 2168
Slow news week (hopefully), ES should recover with solid earnings 17 April 2017 Hits: 2232
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Is a high consumer confidence reading pointing toward a stock market top? 30 March 2017 Hits: 2067
The e-mini S&P finally corrects, 2340ish is key 21 March 2017 Hits: 2146
It feels like "everybody" is long stock index futures and short bond futures, but can "everybody" be right? 09 March 2017 Hits: 2101
30-year Treasury futures short squeeze and never-ending ES rally 24 February 2017 Hits: 2049
Parabolic ES Futures 15 February 2017 Hits: 2270

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