• Learn to Walk before you Try to Run

    Commodity market speculation is an exciting but risky venture. Before putting hard-earned money to work, be sure you understand the basics.

    Getting Started in Interest Rate Futures

    Treasury bond and note futures are traded in fractions of 32nds and the options are traded in 64ths. If this sounds confusing, this article is for you.

    Getting Started in Stock Index Futures

    Trading platforms calculate profit and loss, but understanding the math is a good idea so your futures trading strategy has the desired risk/reward.

    Dollars and Sense: Calculating P&L in Currency Futures

    Currency futures trading math is important; having a basic understanding of pricing, risk, and rewards will help to avoid costly mistakes.

    Figuring P&L in Commodities: It all makes Cents

    Calculating profits and losses in commodities is confusing because each market has a different point value and contract size.

  • Shorten the Learning Curve

    At DeCarley Trading, we understand that an educated client is a better client. Don't underestimate the importance of building from ground zero.

    Placing Futures Orders with a Commodity Broker

    Most traders execute orders online, but everyone should be privy to order entry protocol & etiquette to prevent mistakes when phone orders are necessary.

    Commodity Trading is Risky Business

    There is nothing easy about trading commodities. From symbols and lingo, to leverage and risk, there are a plethora of things that can go wrong.

    Day trading Futures - Risk Averse Need not Apply

    The selling point for day trading is the lack of overnight risk. In reality, day trading is a difficult game because it requires precision in entry & exit.

    The Commodity Trading Game Plan - Emotional Stability

    Those wishing to survive in the game of commodity market speculation will need a trading plan. Further, they will need to remain level-headed.

  • The Easy Path isn't Necessarily the Best Path

    Options on futures trading might seem overwhelming at first, but the advantages are worth the effort.

    Popular Commodity Option Trading Strategies

    Options on futures are a versatile tool enabling traders of all types, skill levels, and sizes to create their desired risk/reward profile.

    Option Volatility Trading with VIX Futures

    The CBOE VIX futures don't have options written directly against them, but there are ways to express opinions in the market with E-mini S&P options.

    How to Create a Synthetic Put Option Strategy

    Futures traders frustrated by stop-outs can consider a synthetic strategy in which their long or short futures contract is protected by a long option.

    A Brief Introduction to Commodity Option Trading

    Options involve fuzzy math but that doesn't mean they should be overlooked. Commodity options afford traders the luxury of room for error.

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