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The Financial Futures Report is a commodity trading newsletter focused on the e-mini S&P futures, the 30-year bond futures market, and the 10-year note futures.  

The author, Carley Garner, is an experienced commodity broker with plenty of stories and insight to share.  Garner keys off of her decade-plus experience as a futures broker to help readers navigate the options and futures markets.  The Financial Futures Report contains general stock index futures and Treasury market commentary, but it also details trading ideas (primarily option trading strategies), technical analysis including support and resistance levels, and commodity trader chatter. 

This publication is offered exclusively to DeCarley Trading commodity brokerage clients, but can be obtained temporarily via a trial.  

March is known for stock market turbulance 27 February 2015 Hits: 2285
A short and sweet look ahead at the week in the ES and ZB 09 February 2015 Hits: 1991
Crude is taking the spotlight ahead of payroll data. 04 February 2015 Hits: 2007
Markets sigh in relief after Greek election 26 January 2015 Hits: 2194
ES held trend-line support, is a reversal near? 14 January 2015 Hits: 2294
The Santa Clause rally failed 05 January 2015 Hits: 2312
Hot money is chasing stocks higher, Merry Christmas! 19 December 2014 Hits: 2065
Crude oil is keeping the stock market rally in check 08 December 2014 Hits: 2227
FOMC minutes and the futures markets 19 November 2014 Hits: 2255
Back and fill, but the ES probably hasn't seen the high of this move. 04 November 2014 Hits: 2332
More QE in Japan, markets rally 31 October 2014 Hits: 2163
Is the year-end equity rally already in the works? 23 October 2014 Hits: 2103
Can the S&P find a botttom? 16 October 2014 Hits: 2217
It is hard to fight the Fed (this week anyway) 15 September 2014 Hits: 2248
Earnings keeping stocks up, while bonds retreat 24 July 2014 Hits: 2431
The #ES monthly chart is frightening 16 July 2014 Hits: 2270
Solid economic news and a dovish Fed are holding things together...for now 20 June 2014 Hits: 2304
Markets on the brink...check out the VIX 12 April 2014 Hits: 2602
Quadruple witch rally in the ES 20 March 2014 Hits: 2209
Potential Blow off Top in the S&P 500? 20 February 2014 Hits: 2287

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