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The Financial Futures Report is a commodity trading newsletter focused on the e-mini S&P futures, the 30-year bond futures market, and the 10-year note futures.  

The author, Carley Garner, is an experienced commodity broker with plenty of stories and insight to share.  Garner keys off of her decade-plus experience as a futures broker to help readers navigate the options and futures markets.  The Financial Futures Report contains general stock index futures and Treasury market commentary, but it also details trading ideas (primarily option trading strategies), technical analysis including support and resistance levels, and commodity trader chatter. 

This publication is offered exclusively to DeCarley Trading commodity brokerage clients, but can be obtained temporarily via a trial.  

Will the EU's Peace Prize Save them from Economic Turmoil? 12 October 2012 Hits: 2097
Crude is dumping but the ES is holding up, something is amiss... 19 September 2012 Hits: 2457
There wasn't a lot of news, but there was chatter 11 September 2012 Hits: 2117
Employment Report Chaos, Futures Markets on the Move 07 September 2012 Hits: 1958
Painfully quiet trade, bond and stock futures on hold 05 September 2012 Hits: 2037
QE squeeze ahead of holiday in Treasury and equity futures 31 August 2012 Hits: 1848
Strategy Recommendation Short 5-year note with insurance for protection 31 August 2012 Hits: 1962
It's all about Helicopter Ben 30 August 2012 Hits: 2186
Consolidation pattern will soon resolve, but which way? 29 August 2012 Hits: 1887
No data, but market volatility could be on tap 27 August 2012 Hits: 850
Four-year highs in stock indices trigger profit taking, Treasuries stabilize 21 August 2012 Hits: 1802
Quiet Monday for financial futures traders 20 August 2012 Hits: 1781
Option expiration stalls stock rally, counter trend Friday in Treasuries 17 August 2012 Hits: 1726
Same story, different day...stock futures up, bonds down 16 August 2012 Hits: 1768
Economic news was thick, but futures trading volume was thin 15 August 2012 Hits: 1775
Strategy Recommendation T-Bond Options 15 August 2012 Hits: 1870
Buy on dips in Treasury futures, sell rips in equities? 14 August 2012 Hits: 1866
Ultra low risk, low stress way to play the Treasury market 14 August 2012 Hits: 1759
Treasury Futures tick higher, ES stalls 13 August 2012 Hits: 2078

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